Since I have been pregnant, there is one major theme that is taking over my dream state.

During my first trimester, the nausea and uncomfort of first pregnancy made it difficult to eat. Everything tasted horrible, especially sweets, which just make me gag if not actually throw up. I could only endure small amounts of truly bland food at a time, so I had to eat more frequently.

Suffice it to say, I get hungry more often than usual. Apparently, being nauseated during most of the day did not curb my appetite entirely. It did made me very weary of food. Trying to think of what to eat was consuming most of my day, which incidentally reminded me of the nausea too. It was pretty much a lose-lose situation for me during that time.

At bedtime, I usually try not to have an empty stomach, because my palate for food was so limited. If I woke up in the middle of the night, there was not much I can out into my mouth that worked to satisfy the hunger. And, oh, have I tried crackers, cereal, bread and even grapes. I could not eat more than a couple bites.

My dream state became my heaven. I did not feel uncomfortable or nauseated because I was basically unconscious and I have always enjoyed vivid dreams. I would dream of eating some wonderful dishes, sometimes by myself, indulging, other times with family or friends sharing a feast.

How wonderful it was to be able to taste food properly again! Even if I was not truly partaking in the action! A pregnant lady can dream!

The only shortfall to such wonderful dreams is that it tended to wake me up and my stomach would be growling in protest for real non-imaginary food.


Surprisingly, I have not had many dreams about babies. There have been maybe two of which I have some recollection. I was beginning to think that this is slightly odd.

A recent baby dream I had was a borderline nightmare. Not the ghost-baby-with-no-face kind, but it was scary in its own way. It happened only a couple of days ago, so it is still fresh in my memory.

In this particular dream, I was perhaps babysitting a child or visiting with a friend’s family, where there was a young child. A toddler. I did not remember much of what activities we did, but I knew we stayed indoors at someone’s home.

Then it came time to change her diaper. Yes, it was a baby girl. She was on the changing table, quite willing to get herself changed. Her diaper was heavy. As I began to remove the diaper, I quickly realized that not only did she performed some serious business, but that it was bursting out of the confines of the constraints. It happened so quickly. At the moment of realization, she squirmed — as even the best of toddlers could not hold absolutely still for very long — and next thing I knew, the diaper was open revealing the great gift that awaited me. My right had was bathed in some of the brown paste and, for some reason I could not fathom, some small bit threw at my mouth. Possibly open due to the astonishment over the situation, the piece was in my mouth. I felt its texture. Imagine that all happening within just a few nano-seconds. Stunted, I spat out the offending piece into my available hand, noting that the piece was brown. I almost gagged. I said almost because the horror if the situation woke me up.

Mind you, I had plenty of experience changing similar diapers when I worked at a daycare for a year. Therefore I am not finish about them. However, (and thank goodness) I had NEVER encountered any flying pieces. This was truly a first and I was grateful that it was only a dream. Otherwise, I am not sure how I would react for real.

Have you had any interesting dreams to share? Any memorable or horrific ones? I’d love to hear them!