Hello! I am excited to start sharing with all of you my thoughts and dreams. I have to tell you, sharing is not my first instinct. But I have come to realize that there are too many thoughts floating in my head that I have to start documenting them somehow. This would be the perfect place.

No judgement.

Ok, maybe there will be some judgement. Life is not perfect, now is it. Plus, I could use your feedback.  So, please share.

Earlier today, speaking with my hubby, I was describing myself as “underdog”. Dictionary.com defines underdog as a person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict. This might sound somewhat depressing, but there is a very positive spin to the label. As an underdog, one is expected to fail, but one usually rise to the occasion and exert extra effort to succeed. Finally becoming the top dog. (Personally, I prefer to be top cat.)

My hope is that you will either…

  1. find this good extra-curricula reading material.
  2. use this as a platform to vent some pent up frustrations.
  3. gain some new insight about yourself.
  4. get a good laugh from time to time (we all need it).