Reading is what I do in my spare time. On a daily bases.
I must say that I have fallen victim to the efficiency that is and its spawn, the Kindle. I just love them. I have the actual Kindle, Kindle Cloud, Kindle App on my Android phone (most used currently). Yesterday, I just finished reading The Maze Runner trilogy by Jason Dashner, on which I will be sharing my thoughts in the near future. I am also itching to comment on the Hunger Games trilogy. Stay tuned.

A little description of my methods here. In the hopes of not corrupting my perception of a book, the book description on Amazon and several brief reviews are the only things I rely on to make the decision to read it. I will avoid reading any detailed book reviews like the plague. No offence to reviewers or bloggers out there. (I will read them after I purge all of my thoughts from my brain.) If I have read external ideas, then they might leak into my review and make it less of “mine”, may even start to make it sound like I am copying others. I want to provide unique point of view.

Any similarities are purely coincidental.

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