I have not dreamt much in the previous nights, but this recent dream has been floating around in my consciousness. Perhaps I need to put it down in black and white to move past it.
Dream: I was on the phone, with an ex-boyfriend. It has been many years since we have really seen each other in actuality, but I was chit-chatting with him as if it was an everyday occurrence. We were making future plans to meet and hang out. Just hashing out the details. It was easy conversation, close to the heart.

Deep down inside, I crave that level of closeness with someone. Not just anybody. With someone who really, truly knows me. From since the beginning of time (metaphorically speaking, otherwise that would be my mother). I have transformed so much throughout the past 20 to 30 years, so I want someone who knows me from before I became who I am right now. A person who was there even when I was a geeky underdog, trailing along behind my popular friends. I have been silly. I have made numerous mistakes. All the more reason that I am longing for a person who embraces all of that.

Do you have anyone like that in your life? Had you? Do you agree that it is a deep relationship that you cannot develop with new friends?