Wow. Last week was rough.
My morning sickness symptoms was going full force last week. All I remember was that last Monday and Tuesday, I was so tired at work that I was leaning this way and that all day just to find a comfortable position so that I can stay at work the whole day. I am pretty sure I went home in the evening and went straight to bed after eating a bit of dinner.

By Wednesday, I was feeling so bad in the morning that midway to work, I had to get off the bus to throw up. My hubby sent me home to rest and told me to call in sick. I complied, because I really had no energy to fight the sickness. All day, I slept.

On Thursday, I went to see a Chinese Doctor, or Herbalist as some people call them. Got a few packs of herbs for the next week. I boiled one pack — one bowl for Thursday and another for Friday. On both days, after drinking the herbs, I felt better, but then my stomach started gurgling after a little while. It was not the most comfortable feeling, but it was the herbs working. I was feeling much better on Saturday.

Last night, I drank another dose of the herbs, so I am feeling so much better today. All I am missing is a nap. Seriously, a nap in the middle of the day makes a huge difference now…

Timeline: Week 7