It’s amazing how a life is growing inside of me. Although it might be sucking the life out of ME to survive, that is the sacrifice of motherhood, I suppose. A tiny bean that has a beating heart! I was way too stunned at the doctor’s office this morning to truly appreciate this fact. Plus, I was so glad that my hubby was there to witness it with me. It was amazing to see the action on the screen.

The Bean

First prenatal check-up seems pretty administrative (other than the aforementioned moment). Doctor gave us information, voiced her concerns, answered our questions, and then shooed us out of the office. The nurse followed up and gave us MORE information. Then, she sent me to the lab for blood tests. After giving away 10 vials of blood and one small cup of peepee later, I was free to go with the suggestion to call the doctors office about my bleeding-longer-than-normal condition. (I kept pressing on the injection spot for a long while, maybe 10 minutes or more, before it stopped bleeding. The lady would not send me away bleeding into the gauze.) All boring stuff, but I got saltine crackers and a cup of orange juice.

Unfortunately, the orange juice made me sick. It all came back up after I drank it at work. I hope nobody heard the retching.