It had been a rocky First Trimester. Morning sickness galore. It is all part of the process though, I suppose.

I was glad that I became well enough to go on the Europe & Asia trips. My very first time in Europe! It was so exciting! So much to see and learn. I hope I will get to go back. Thailand was fun too, but a lot of the time I was worrying about the food and the water. I was afraid that Mike would get sick. Days in Hong Kong were far too few, but I managed to see most of the people I wanted to see.

All-in-all, those three weeks were more than worth it. And I was not feeling sick much of the time.

Now, I am in the Second Trimester! People say this will be the honeymoon period. Let’s wait and see. My morning sickness has eased a tremendous amount, but I feel that my system is still quite sensitive. I am able to eat without feeling repulsed for most food and able to taste things better. More updates very soon.

Timeline: Week 17