Having a sibling can be a good thing. You get to have a companion growing up, share secrets and inside jokes. Swap clothes, books, handbags and make up. Play school or have tea parties with not just your stuffed animals. You can basically live in a world of 2 (or more).

Recently, though, I have been getting jealousy pangs that always come with being a sibling. It partly involves my parents. In general, they love us both equally, but in truth, I do not know.

I have volunteered to help my mom with something some time ago, but I have not actually gotten around to it. My sister who is in an industry that probably has more to do with this project, has begun to take it up. She probably initiated to help, and since I have not done much, my mother is of course accepting the help. However, I was not notified that she will be doing it, nor was my opinions sought. Perhaps I have let her down and I have not brought it up for so long that it does not seem to matter to her, but it does to me. I suppose I have been carrying the guilt of not doing it, but also the vision of doing it for her. Now that my sister seems to be taking over, I simply feel defeated and useless.

Compounded by the fact that my mother seems all proud of my sister, trying to lobby job opportunities for her from her friends, I have not been feeling the greatest. I feel unwanted.

All the while growing up, I always felt like the odd one out, at home & at school. I am the quiet type, so everyone assumes that I am getting along fine. Nobody really bothered to ask how I was doing, because everyone is busy with their own lives. I only get a reaction with some major news or scandal. Somewhat pathetic, I know, but that was my role in the family growing up.

What has your experience been growing up with siblings? How is your relationship with the siblings and your parents?