Once my hubby and I started getting into thinking of potential names we want for our child, we realized it is not an easy feat. There are many issues to take into consideration.

  1. Special. This is easier said than done. There are many unique names available, but not all can deserve our child. And, we do NOT want to coin a new one. It will never work. (See point #3.)
  2. No repeats. It cannot be a name of someone we know, especially not close friends. With the exception of the name of a grandparent, relative, famous person, etc. whom we want to honor. Nor those of pop celebrities. Big no no list: Jacob or Edward, Kourtney or Khloe, Peeta or Katniss (?!).
  3. Bully-proof. We have all seen this happen, or even participated in it: teasing a fellow friend or classmate for his/her name. I have always felt that the parents must have been drunk when they decided on those names.
We are starting to build up a list of names upon that we can both agree. It is slowly growing and we are pretty proud of our progress. At some point, we will have to stop and hit reverse, and start narrowing down the list to THE name. For now, it is fun to discover new names… and see the reaction on my hubby’s face when I bring up names that will make him cringe.
One important thing to keep in mind. This name will stay with the child FOREVER. (Or until the kid is old enough and change it…)

How did you go about naming your child? Or are you in the process like we are? Do you find it as complex as we do?