It’s the middle of the week of the 20th week of pregnancy!

My week had an unstable start. I enjoyed a very relaxing prenatal massage (my first one so far) last Saturday, with a nice walk back and forth from home. The weather was wonderful and warm. In the afternoon, I started getting a stomach ache and then nauseated. My lunch came back up and I began feeling week. After a short rest, I had to take a shower because I needed to get ready for dinner with family. During the shower, I started feeling faint towards the end and had to lie down afterwards. Needless to say, I could not go to dinner.

I am still trying to dissect my day to figure out what went wrong. There was a small bowl of fruits at lunch and I suspect something was not clean or past its freshness in there. My stomach needed to get rid of any bits of my lunch. However, I started getting stomach ache and slight nausea the night before, after eating some Bruchetta with tons of olive oil… It could have been anything.

The important thing, though, is that I am feeling better right now! Enjoying getting through half of my pregnancy already. In retrospect, time went by fairly quickly (other than the moments of sickness). I anticipate it to go even faster moving forward. There is so much to prepare!