It is not easy to get into the habit of exercising. If you have morning sickness during the first few months, like me, it is even harder to let go of the couch or bed and be moving around. However, I realize that being a couch potato for nine months will not only make it harder when it comes labor time, but also post-baby when I need to exorcise all the pregnancy pounds. So, I have decided to start with some lower intensity exercises – prenatal yoga.
I have always enjoyed yoga, because it gives me a sense of calm and restorative energy afterwards. It helps stretches my preggers body and strengthen muscles at the same time. Being budget conscious, I first hit YouTube to see if there are some good prenatal yoga videos. (I will continue to expand my YouTube channel to include good ones when I find them.)

My favorite set of prenatal yoga video is the Pregnancy Yoga Class by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli posted by Thebrightstar24. There are three videos in total, each lasting around 10 minutes, so you get a pretty good 25 to 30-minute session right there. The beginning 1:45 minutes includes the same intro by Uma, which I think is helpful to go over from time to time but not necessary every single time, especially if you are going through all three videos in one sitting. Just drag the little ball beyond the 1:45 time stamp and you are good to begin!

Let’s get started!

{ Warm Up Sequence }

{ Main Routine }

{ Relaxation }


Tell me what you think about this prenatal yoga video series! I enjoy it, do you?