It is like watching a movie.

Two men looking for treasure. The leader wanting to find out the mysteries to a (possibly haunted) house. There might be treasure.

The sidekick has the map and leads the way. They are liking for buried treasures or skeletons.

They found one, but they are to far from the house. Probably does not belong to the house’s story then. They had to get closer.

They started running. Along the way, there are things half buried in the dirt that might be remains.

They slowed down at a spot nearer the house to examine a piece of paper with a torn fabric attached. Indicates a mailman was here. Attacked and probably died.

They turned their focus on the ground. The sidekick, holding the paper, stepped onto a piece of soft earth. Thought: feels like I am stepping on a long piece of bone.

The earth suddenly shakes and break away, leaving him standing on a piece of thin copper piping. Notice a zigzag wet path in the earth, extending from where it just fell apart.

The leader, having wandered off, comes back. Sidekick warns of unsteady earth. Leader stops in time. Barely stepping on the wet path.

Too late. He shook the earth. The entire path fell away, exposing a skeleton on top of the copper pipes. The left leg is metal, like armor metal. The right shoulder also has an armor-like covering.

The two men were surprised and thrilled to have discovered something. Trying to decide what to do.

Skeleton moves. Starting to try and get up of the copper pipes and go after the men.


I am running now. One of them being chased by the armored skeleton.

Did father activate something to bring this on? My mother wonders.

We are running away. We reached a wide road. We had to stop and watch for cars and cross it.

Skeleton is still coming after us. We need to hurry.

[fade out]


Driving up a super steep incline in my husbands car. It is a V6. That is what he is always boasting about. But this incline is steep. Almost to the point of black diamond steep (if you have ever been to a ski slope).

I was getting onto the road from a flat side street. And as I turn, I realized that it is really difficult to go any faster. I even shifted the hear to 2.

Cars keep passing me by. Then I reached a chain of allow moving cars up ahead, and we all struggle together, with our hazard lights blinking in synchrony.

[fade out]


I have reached the top. Now I need to go down the other side of the mountain. And I am in a long line of girls on a trail only wide enough for one person. So we all walk single-file. It is stop-and-go. Not sure why.

I keep looking down and at everyone’s shoes. The trail is cliff-side and a bit steep and slippery. Any misstep might mean plunging down the cliff. It is really high.

I tried to be careful. Distracting myself with observing what shoes others are wearing.

Thinking about how I am the only one who can help me. Holding my swollen belly. Realizing that if I fall, nobody can catch me. I will not survive. The baby will not survive.

[fade out and slowly woke up]


I could not go back to sleep.