I cannot believe that it has already been almost 4 months since my baby was born. He is already 17 weeks old! The past weeks simply flew by in a blur. I do not even remember those first weeks very vividly anymore. Days just blended together, especially when taking care of a baby is a 24 hour job!
I had known that taking care of a baby is not easy, but I was not fully prepared for the emotional aspect of giving birth and the recovery period. It is incredible what us women go through!

Genuinely surprised by how much about motherhood I do not know prior to giving birth, I hope that my list of surprises will help someone be more prepared than I was.

  1. Recovery is a long journey (not just the 6 or 8 weeks they tell you about).
  2. Breastfeeding is a lot more difficult than I had imagined, both physically & emotionally. (Baby Whisperer said to give it at least 40 days before it gets more comfortable or quitting.)
  3. Although rough at the beginning, breastfeeding gives you that special bond with the baby, which is really amazing!
  4. You get obsessed with the smallest issue that affects the baby.
  5. You will doubt yourself. A lot. Especially at night awakenings.
  6. Then, you will not be able to stop googling about every little thing. BUT don’t read too much…
  7. Your body will most likely be altered permanently. (Sorry to break this to you…)

Motherhood can bring the most confident women down to tears! I have found that the most important thing to have post-partum is a support group or system, preferably your mother and sisters or close family. Joining a new mothers’ group is wonderful too. They can help alleviate any depressive moments. Then all these surprises will be easier to handle.

It is an amazing change to my life, having a baby. Everyday is a surprise!