We had a photo session today for our little one. It was his three month photo shoot. (He Is already 4.5 months, but who’s counting?) Baby was really good throughout the whole session. He only fussed a bit towards the end because he was starting to get tired. I cannot wait to see the photos!
My hubby’s good friend Kinsley of Kinsley Wong Photography was our photographer. Most of the pictures were done on the dining table. It was amazing! It was fun watching my baby being photographed. He kept feeling the blanket he was laying on. (He was loving the fuzzy texture of the fleece blanket. So funny!) We had to make extra effort to get his attention and look at the camera.

There was a short moment for family pictures, but I was not too into it. Don’t get me wrong, I like taking pictures and Kinsley is great. But since having the baby, I do not want attention to be on me. The baby is more important now. Plus, I have not had time to keep up my “beauty regimen” and have not been feeling very attractive. I did not even put on make up, but had to use a little lipstick to brighten up my pale lips. Not that I do not care about my looks, but who really have the time? Anyways, I digress… It was lovely to be taking pictures with Baby. They will be precious memories of his baby phase, which I know will be over too soon.

After the photo session, I began thinking more about it. Like the fact that I could have researched more about what kinds of pictures people take and prepare cute props to make the pictures more special. Lately, a lot of things came to me after the fact. Is it mommy brain? Or have I been neglecting a lot of things? Have I been excessively using the excuse of not having time because I am taking care of the baby to hide from my responsibilities? I try to evaluate my actions daily because I want to set a good example for my little one. I am not perfect, but I can try and admit it when I fail. And I digressed some more…

Back to the photo shoot… It made me think that I should really take more pictures of Baby before he grows up. I know I will regret not having more photos and videos later on down the road. My father kept asking me to take pictures of Baby with a camera (and not my phone) so that he can have them blown up and printed (to use as wallpaper). I joke about this, but it is really sweet to see Baby’s pictures posted around their flat. So, I told myself to try and take at least 10 pictures of Baby everyday with my nicer camera. After all, everything is digital now and there is no need to worry about wasting film.

{ a little treat taken on my phone }

I do try to take pictures of him with my phone whenever I remember to, but I get preoccupied with spending time with him that I always forget. Children grow up so fast though. I do not want to miss a thing nor do I want to forget any moments, important or not.

My challenge is: how do I hold myself accountable for taking pictures of Baby everyday?