It hit me tonight some time around baby’s bedtime that I need to just relax and let things happen.
I cannot force baby to fall asleep. I cannot force him to nurse longer if he doesn’t want to. I cannot force him to nurse to sleep. I cannot force rock him to sleep.

He is going to take however long he needs to to fall asleep.

So why not let it be and give him a stress-free bedtime?

Tonight, I nursed him after our bedtime routine. When he seems to be done, I rocked him in my arms and hummed a song to him. We sat in the rocking chair enjoying each other. He was smiling at me and sucking his fingers or the pacifier. When he wanted more nursing, I let him. He slowly wind down in my arms, with no intention on my part to speed things up because I think that he should be asleep by a certain time.

I would say that, tonight, he fell asleep peacefully. The most peacefully in a long time. I cannot believe that I haven’t thought of this before and must have introduced a lot of anxiety at bedtime. I am so sorry. I hope to remember this in the future, so I have to put it in writing.

Dear baby, mommy will let you fall asleep at your own pace. Sweet dreams!