As I was forced to become fully awake at 5am(an early wake up to us),
because baby was not falling for nurse-back-to-sleep
and wanted to party,
I feel respect for those mothers who do not breastfeed.

Nursing-to-sleep is
my most powerful nighttime parenting tool.

I was imagining those mothers,
rocking / bouncing / singing
their little ones back to sleep
in the dead of night.
At every night waking.

These women are deeply devoted to
Waiting It Out.

They understand that
“This too shall pass”
Babies grow up WAY TOO FAST.

I understand that too.
So, I treasure the quiet moments I get
in the middle of the night
to hold my baby tight.

Gently rocking or
Lightly patting his little buttocks.

Because all too soon,
he will be
and my kisses will be embarrassing.

I will take my chances and forgo some sleep
so that I get to LOVE my baby
while he sleeps.

inspired by nurshable.

We Wait It Out. Do you?