It has been 9 months since I gave birth to Lil Mochi Boy. He had been in the REAL world as long as he had been safely tucked inside of me.
Childbirth has become such a pivotal point in my life that I feel like life before and after should be referenced in a BC vs AD kind of way. From “Be Carefree” era onto “Automated Drowsy” state of being.

Lately, I noticed that being a mother seems to affect one’s social status in society. Am I less of a contributor as an employee, writer / blogger or citizen? Is writing about my precious baby less “deep” than writing about, say, politics or poetry?

In the state of “Automated Drowsy”, these are what I am contemplating today.

Inspired by Daily Prompt: State of Your Year.

Have you experienced moments where you feel the need to impress THEM? (Whoever they are out there who will judge you.)