Dear Lil Mochi,
As I come to your bedside in the middle of last night, I was calm but excited.

I was trying to recall what new skills you have shown us recently, that was waking you up at night. You must have been dreaming of practicing them.

Just last Saturday, you started waving AT PEOPLE. Now you just wave at everyone while screaming excitedly.

Earlier in the evening, you pulled up on the side of the crib (which reminds me that we need to lower it some more) ONCE — you were mighty proud of it. And was trying to attempt it a few more times.

You developed these skills all at your own pace. You are eager to show them off and practice them every chance you get, even in your sleep.

So, I was excited that you woke up in the middle of the night, because it meant that you are growing up so, so fast.