After I heard from my sister-in-law rave about her Bluum box, I was able to find a coupon and got one for myself… wait, I mean for my baby. I am never patient about new exciting things like these, so I always want to check them out NOW, but I patiently waited for the box to come in the mail.

I received it last week and was super excited to open it to dig through the treasures!

An email was sent to me a few days after it arrived explaining what was inside. Each item had a little description and how much it costs where I to have bought it from a store. Read on to see what I think about them!


AUGUST: A Little Pick Me Up

Luna – Fiber Bar – Vanilla Blueberry (for mom)
Kinda neat to have a snack for mom. Breastfeeding mama needs extra calories. It is still sitting at my desk, so I cannot say if it is tasty or not. But I always like Luna bars. { $2.00 }
Loving it? ♥ ♥ ♥

Funktion – Cosmetic Case (for mom)
Looks nice, but it is really stiff and the zipper is chunky. It is also quite difficult to open the case wide, so it will not be convenient for me to get things in and out of it. Definitely not worth $34 to me. { $34.00 }
Loving it? ♥

RaZbaby – Snack Pak (for baby)
Little screw-together snack boxes with a side spout. Interesting design, but material seems cheap. (The containers just look used to me somehow.) I will use them since I got them, but would not have bought a pack if I saw it at a store. { $7.00 }
Loving it? ♥ ♥

Little Learners – Stroller Book – Animals & Words (for baby)
This is my favorite item in the box because it is so cute! The illustrations are very nice and the soft strap is very long so you can attach it (velcro) to many places. Just in time for me to take along with our upcoming trip. (I found it on Amazon for only $8.99.) { $10.00 }
Loving it? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Kellytoy – Travel Pillow Chum Friends (for baby)
Cute neck pillow for baby. It is soft and cushion-y so I can see many kids loving it. When I gave it to Lil Mochi, he put his face into it, which is an indication that he likes it. (He loves to kiss stuffed toys lately.) { $15.00 }
Loving it? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ella’s Kitchen – Puffits – Cheese & Tomato (for baby)
This, as you can see in the picture, was missing from the box. I would love to let my baby try this one. So, I emailed Bluum about it and they are sending a replacement. I will update on this once it arrives. { $0.75 }
Loving it?   { TBD }

All in all, the box is only alright. Perhaps my expectations were too high. I have to say that their customer service was pretty good though. Prompt response and very helpful.

If you like what you see, you can sign up for Bluum here.

Do you have any of the things above? How do you like them? Are you a member of other surprise monthly boxes like this one?