Jet lag is ruling the house these days. After a 2-week trip to Hong Kong visiting family, Lil Mochi is utterly exhausted.
On the flight back, he actually slept for around 8 hours, which I know will translate to sleep disruption as it would be night time when we landed. Once we got home, he was still pretty awake and playful. We got to settle in a bit and grab a couple bites to eat (at least for mommy and daddy). When it was his time to nurse, he slowly drifted off to sleep.

Since it was already almost midnight, I though perhaps he will make it his bedtime. Wishful thinking, I know. He woke up after about an hour with more energy than ever, ready to talk and play.


I quickly looked towards the almighty Google for some help on adjusting him back to home time.

Tip #1: Take him out and see sunlight
Unfortunately not applicable as it was night time. This did work well when we arrived in Hong Kong though. So much so that it did not seem like he had ANY jet lag over there.

Tip #2: Put him down when he is ready, but keep wake up time the same
Could not force him to sleep if my life depended upon it. He was simply awake. Once he was tired enough to go to sleep (at 4am), he was OUT. He was sleeping so peacefully that I did not want to wake him up, but I knew I had to so that he can get back to US time. I let him sleep in a bit and woke him up at 10am.

Tip #3: Allow quiet play in the middle of the night and slowly phase it out
This was helpful because he would not be left in the crib (screaming!) nor rocked in my arms (climb mommy!). So I put him down on the floor mattress and handed him two mini books. I had the light dimmed low and let him play. He was happy as a clam, while I leaned back and rested.

Tip #4: Limit daytime naps to 2 hours
I wish I did not have to do this, but to help him adjust back, I did this for the first 2 days. He is taking 2 naps a day, so I timed each one for about an hour. When it was time to wake him up, I opened his bedroom door, turned off the white noise machine, and slowly turned on the lights (otherwise the room is pretty dark). It took him a couple minutes, but he will gradually wake up “on his own”.

These are the best tips that are helping with our time adjustment. It seems to be working, but Lil Mochi is still waking up at night for at least one stretch where he wants to play. Hopefully, that will phase out as he adjusts back to US time.

Share with me any tips on jet lag or traveling with baby! I am sure that this is not the only time we will travel, so more tools in my tool box for future reference the better.


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