As it approaches Lil Mochi’s first birthday, my fear of weaning grows.
I do not want to fully wean. But if I only wean partially during the daytime and maintain night time nursings, I fear that my supply will disappear quickly. Then, there will be no more boobies for him at night, and he still needs it, as far as I can tell. I also fear for how nights will shape up when there are no more boobies to sooth him back to sleep.

I guess I am just not ready to do this, but people are starting (or have already started) questioning when I am going to stop.

I am slightly overwhelmed because I feel like I need a solid weaning plan, especially with the pump, as I have heard stories about plugged ducts and such. I do not know where to start tackling it. (I know I am ready to wean from the pump, but not from the baby.) Since I am not ready, I have not been planning it wholeheartedly.


I hate to lose the bond with Lil Mochi so soon.

I know that he is growing up so rapidly and, one day, he will tell me to keep some distance between us because he is a big boy now. So, I am holding on desperately to this short time when he needs me and loves me with no doubt in his eyes. I treasure this short time when I am what he depends on for food and comfort.

What are the benefits of weaning? So there is no stress over whether or not he is eating enough during the day, or that I have to pump enough to fill up his bottles for the following day. So I can get my body back? That’s all I can come up with…

Have you weaned? Any advice on weaning?