Because of HFM, Lil Mochi did not get to dress up for Halloween this year.
Luckily, he has been wearing this pj for a little while, so he has at least dressed up at one point in time.

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If you do not know what HFM is, then you must make yourself aware of it, especially if you have young children. I was not aware of it before either, but I know it now. Big time.

HFM :: Hand Foot and Mouth Disease
Caused by a virus, it is pretty contagious among young kids. According to the CDC, aka Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, symptoms include fever, blister-like sores in the mouth (herpangina), and a skin rash.

Lil Mochi had mouth sores alright. It hurt so much that he did not want to swallow. When the mouth sores first developed, he would nurse just as he usually did and once let down, he would unlatch and start crying. I heard a first swallow before he unlatches, so I had a hunch about those mouth sores.

Once we took him to the doctor’s to examine his developing rash, the doctor was able to check his mouth. (Well, basically just shining a light into his mouth because he was crying from all the probing.) He took one quick look and said he already saw 3 sores at the back of his throat, so he did not want to take more time to prob and check for exactly how many there were. (And he said there were probably more.)

The doctor ordered pain meds to control the fever and the pain — Tylenol and Advil alternating every 3 hours. Each pain med itself must have a 6 hour window between each dose.

I generally use meds as a last resort, because I believe that the body should do its work to fight sickness. I also believe in Chinese “medicine”, which most people refer to as herbs, but it is more than mere herbs to me.┬áBut this time, I had no choice. He was hurting so bad and the fever is lingering. Even when he took the medicine, he would keep it in his mouth and seemed like he had to gather the courage to swallow. Sometimes, he just cries for a bit after swallowing.

At the suggestion of SIL, we started giving Lil Mochi a concoction of equal portions of Benedryl and Maalox (about less than 1/2 teaspoon each) right before bedtime. As someone who wants to learn more about everything, I looked it up on Google. Apparently, it is called the “Magic Mouthwash” that eases sore throat. It was pretty magical, because he slept much better the first night we tried it. Make sure to wait 30 minutes afterwards before feeding the baby again so that you do not wash it off with the food.

As Lil Mochi is on the mend, I am starting to experience the symptoms. Sore throat and fever/chills, and now blisters under the skin on my fingers. The blisters on my hands are not painful, but they are annoying. Sore throat is not fun. I do not want to eat. I cannot imagine these symptoms in a wee being.

Isn’t it hard to see your child sick? Do you have tips on surviving HFM? I REALLY would love to know.