He is growing up too fast. Where have my little baby gone? He is now a Toddler.
With toddler-hood comes new challenges. He has decided a few weeks ago that he does not want to drink pumped milk from a bottle. It because a big deal — to me. I had to wreck my brain to figure out WHAT and IN WHAT to give him.

We tried almond milk, whole milk and the mix of the two, but he did not particularly enjoy them. I even bought a container of Toddler Formula and mixed a small bottle to see if he would take it. (He did not. And I tasted a tiny drop and almost gagged. The taste lasted at least half the day in my mouth even with meals in between. Needless to say, I did not try it again.)

We tried straw cups, sippy cups and just holding an open cup to him. He would humor us and take a couple sips and then push the cup away. When he was in the mood, he took a few more sips in the open cup and proceeded to putting his hand in trying to play with the liquid inside.

I was starting to get headaches about his milk feeds, so I enlisted the help of my online BTDT mama friends. They had many helpful suggestions.

Some mentioned that, if Lil Mochi is nursing 2-3 times a day (and he is doing at least that most days), then he does not need extra milk since he is also eating solids. I can just send water. I agree with this, but I still want him to eat/drink more during the day in the hopes that he will have at least one longer stretch of sleep at night.*

Some mentioned that I should just keep trying, and there are still many other alternatives, such as raw goat or cow milk, soy milk, rice milk, coconut milk, etc. And just keep offering. He will catch on.

So I persevered. I have not been able to find raw milk and do not want to give soy or rice milk for reasons I may elaborate at a later time, so coconut milk it was. As I know that breastmilk is slightly sweet, I went for the vanilla flavor one (“80 calories per serving!” it says on the box). It is pretty tasty and not too sweet.

I got a new straw cup for this occasion, and was ecstatic when he took a couple more sip after I offered it! Of course, he is still not gulping down the milk, but he is slowly heading in that direction. Though, I will have to observe for any sugar influence as he is starting to drink more of it. So, I started mixing a bit of whole milk in there too.

All-in-all, I am happy about the result! So much of my brain power is going into his meals these days, I am thinking about food constantly. Food for him.

Oh, by the way, Happy New Year! Wish everyone a fruitful year ahead!

*I know that eating more during the day does not necessarily help with sleeping through the night, but it won’t hurt, right?

Share with me your toddler drinking woes. What is or was your experience?