The little white buds that are beginning to cut through my little one’s gums are the devil in disguise. First all the corners cut through, and there are FOUR of those on EACH TOOTH. And there are EIGHT molars in total? Eruption is the perfect word for them bursting through our lives.

Obviously, I had a bad night. Probably not as bad as Lil Mochi though. We slept on and off, but he woke up here and there crying out in pain, then realizing I was next to him, he nurses back to sleep. Being able to still nurse him is my saving grace. And being in a Wonder Week of Principles is not helping this teething business one bit. He is adorably mature during the day, but not so much at night.


This led me to have a little spat with hubby this morning as he drove me to work. (He has the day off. Lucky.) I just wanted to relax to the music on the radio, and he switched channel to sports radio. As in, I-had-been-watching-49ERS-non-stop-since-yesterday-and-I-need-to-hear-more-about-them radio station. Sorry, I snapped. I could not help it.

Sorry, honey. I could not control myself without a full night of sleep. I understand that their loss meant a great deal to you, but I was just cranky and DID NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO MORE SPORTS!!

I digress… As I was saying, molars are evil. And I heard that incisors are even worse. Wish me luck. Sarah @ Nurshable¬†and her WIO tribe have been keeping me sane during awake time. Are your little one teething too? Want to commiserate?