Are you using Bloglovin?
I am trying to “claim my blog” in my profile, so this is a test to make you follow my blog with Bloglovin!

I found a helpful post at ABCs of Style (BlogLovin – How To Add BlogLovin To Your Blog!). She talked about adding the BlogLovin side bar and included instructions from Anna Elizabeth Dray artworks & inspirations (probably formerly known as The Quietest Rebel Blog).  I am interested to add it to mine too. (I like new and shiny stuff…) Since their posts were from 2012 & 2009, I checked Bloglovin to see what their instructions are as well. It seems like Bloglovin has since updated theirs to make it easier for WordPress bloggers to add the sidebar icon. The instructions below is from Bloglovin Help on Widget/Button Guide WordPress.


1. Sign in to your WordPress account. Click Change Appearance

2. Click on Widgets in the menu on the left hand side, located underneath Appearance

3. Find the box where it says Text

4. Click on the box where it says Text and drag it to the right hand side menu. This is where you decide what area you wish to put the widget on your blog

5. Paste the HTML-code from Bloglovin (if you haven’t gotten a widget code yet you can get it here) into the box. Click Save

6. Done!


Ah, a little pampering for my blog. If you want to find out how to use your own image as the sidebar icon, go half way down Anna’s blog post to get instructions. One day, when I feel especially inspired, I might try for a customized icon. Today, I am content at my “achievements”.