Ok, first of all, I have to admit that I have jumped on the band wagon of the Rabbit sleep book. You know, this one?

Don’t judge me.

I finally got it over the weekend, because it happens to be on the shelf at Baby’s R Us when I was there on Saturday. I thought, “why not give it a try?”

As I was reading the book in bed to Mr. D last night, he was climbing all over me, rolling around the bed and having a side conversation with himself (and tried to engage me too). I had to close the book a couple of times, to which he yelled that he still wanted me to read it.

I continued along, and started noticing the phrases that were marked for emphasis. I felt that they are words that gives the listener (unless your littles can read already…) permission to fall asleep NOW.

At last, Mr. D closed the book when I was about halfway through and said he wanted to sleep. I turned off the little gummy bear light, and lay down next to him. He was still trying to roll all over me and requesting to nurse. Inspired by the book, I asked him to slow down first and be still for a couple minutes before he can nurse. He went still for about half a minute and started rolling around again. When he requested to nurse again, I asked him again to stay still and quiet for a while first. This repeated a couple times more.

Then, when I woke up from a light 30-minute nap (it’s hard not to drift off with all the lights off…), I realized that he had fallen asleep! Without being nursed down! This is MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH for us!!

Perhaps the book really works, that the journey Roger Rabbit and Mr. D was taking to see Uncle Yawn was REAL. Or, 3 is the MAGIC AGE where he finally is able to fall asleep by himself. I was still in the room, but HE was the one who got himself to sleep.

I call that a winner!

What is your weaning success story? I’d love to know!

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