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Category: breastfeeding

Molars are Devil’s Teeth

The little white buds that are beginning to cut through my little one’s gums are the devil in disguise. First all the corners cut through, and there are FOUR of those on EACH TOOTH. And there are EIGHT molars in total? Eruption is the perfect word for them bursting through our lives. Obviously, I had a bad night. Probably not as bad as Lil Mochi though. We slept on and off, but he woke up here and there crying out in pain, then realizing I was next to him, he nurses back to sleep. Being able to still nurse...

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To Wean or Not To Wean

As it approaches Lil Mochi’s first birthday, my fear of weaning grows. I do not want to fully wean. But if I only wean partially during the daytime and maintain night time nursings, I fear that my supply will disappear quickly. Then, there will be no more boobies for him at night, and he still needs it, as far as I can tell. I also fear for how nights will shape up when there are no more boobies to sooth him back to sleep. I guess I am just not ready to do this, but people are starting (or have...

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Another month older

  In the blink of an eye, he has turned 10 months. I see him everyday and snuggle with him every night, but I still miss him whenever he is not by my side. Some people will say that I am spoiling him. Others will tell me to leave him alone. He needs to learn to be independent. You are not always going to be there. You can be sure that I will try my very best to be there for him as much as I can, to show him that he is loved, he is worthy, and he...

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Remaining Sane

I love ME time. I enjoy being by myself, doing nothing. Ok, maybe reading… or vegging out in front of the TV. It is the time when I recharge after having been exposed to excessive external stimuli. Time for my brain to reorganize the day’s events and unwind. If there is a contest to see who can not speak for the longest, I think I can win. (Hubby will definitely lose though, so I wonder what baby’s tendency is.) Perhaps this is why I love Lil Mochi’s bedtime. { In response to┬áDaily Prompt: On the...

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