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He will wake up a day older

While I am sitting around taking in a little me-time, catching up on some blog reading and Pinterest browsing, I came across this post from Simple Simon And Company with a quote by J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan. “Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older.” – J.M. Barrie I have started to seriously make some effort to wean Lil Mochi off nursing to sleep at night starting several nights ago. It took him an average of an hour longer to fall asleep. The first two nights were pretty rough, with...

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How do you get your baby to sleep at 6 months?

Today, I was asked for advice on baby sleep. I felt surprised and honored, because I do not think I am very “successful” with baby sleep, which is usually defined as baby-falling-asleep-on-his-own-and-parents-get plenty-of-freetime-to-rest/sleep/[insert any other fun activity]. My method is to wait it out*, doing what the baby needs (rocking, nursing, singing, etc) and knowing (and hoping) that it will get better soon. I know that he will eventually learn to sleep independently as he gets older though, so I am not too worried. My husband was the one relaying the questions to me. The mommy wants to know what we...

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New Toddler Trick: Hitting

At 20 odd months old, Lil Mochi is now picking up new tricks like a pro. Unfortunately, the ones that are most interesting to him are almost always the most inappropriate ones. Just because they will solicit attention from anyone. His latest trick? Hitting. Most of the time out of frustration, but some times just for the heck of it. He will say “hit” while doing it too. Needless to say, I am not happy about this new trick, so I have been thinking about how to counteract it. DEFLECT THE ATTACK The reflex reaction — gently holding his...

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Udder-ing Up for Mr. Toddler

He is growing up too fast. Where have my little baby gone? He is now a Toddler. With toddler-hood comes new challenges. He has decided a few weeks ago that he does not want to drink pumped milk from a bottle. It because a big deal — to me. I had to wreck my brain to figure out WHAT and IN WHAT to give him. We tried almond milk, whole milk and the mix of the two, but he did not particularly enjoy them. I even bought a container of Toddler Formula and mixed a small bottle to see if he...

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Happy Belated Halloween from the Land of HFM

Because of HFM, Lil Mochi did not get to dress up for Halloween this year. Luckily, he has been wearing this pj for a little while, so he has at least dressed up at one point in time. If you do not know what HFM is, then you must make yourself aware of it, especially if you have young children. I was not aware of it before either, but I know it now. Big time. HFM :: Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Caused by a virus, it is pretty contagious among young kids. According to the CDC, aka Centers...

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