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Everyone might be dead by midnight?

I just came across this phrase in a book I have been reading: Treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. { Night Sky by ciamabue, CC-BY-2.0 } Words by Og Mandino, the author said. I am guilty of not knowing who he was, but the quote resonated with me deeply. With all the chaos in life, it is difficult to find people who are genuine, and genuinely caring. Everyone seems to...

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Blogs and personality

Skimming through my blog roll just now and came across this. Is there a specific personality that tends to read blogs more than others? Check it out and see for yourselves. (You can find out your personality type with the Myers Briggs breakdown or the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.) I love psychology quizzes....

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Recovering from betrayal

My current read is Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor) by Lisa Kleypas. It is about Lucy, a glass artist who has a special magic bond to her medium, and her road to recovery from a hurtful betrayal of her boyfriend of two years Kevin and younger sister Alice. She has met a nice but commitment-phobic man, Sam, who is a winemaker, or grape farmer in his own words. Sam had a difficult childhood, causing him to not belief in long-term relationships, but he is frank about what he looks for and seems to treat woman with respect. It is a most vulnerable time for Lucy and she is not at all ready to dive into another man, especially one who does not see relationships in the same way. However, something is brewing beneath the surface whether the two of them admit it or not. The situation is becoming more complicated as they are under enforced confinement after Lucy got into a bad accident and had to be bedridden for an extended period of time. I have yet to find out what will happen, because I am only halfway through. *** I feel deeply disturbed for Lucy when I learned of the betrayal that has befallen her. I can feel her pain because I have been through a similar situation myself. It hurt like nothing I have experienced at that time....

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Penguin Book Club @PenguinUSA #readpenguin

If you have not already discovered it, the Penguin Group has started a twitter book club. Personally, I think it is super fabulous and will bring together many people from across the world who is passionate about reading. Unfortunately, there seems to be a general disorganization with how the chats are monitored and how best to approach the Twitter set up. Twitter can be a powerful tool, but it can also be very overwhelming. So far, I have used TweetChat to follow the book club “meetings”. It seems to be the simplest tool available to follow hashtag chats. Whatever you post will automatically have the appropriate hashtag attached to it, so that you do not have to remember to enter it. In which case, your post would be lost in the stream. I have also tried creating a stream for #readpenguin on Hootsuite as well. However, it does not update the stream as quickly as I would like it to and I have to type in the hashtag #readpenguin every time. It became a lot of work and I kept missing the conversation. I also like TwebEvent for Twitter chats, but I think the Penguin team has to set it up. As I was saying, TweetChat works well and @PenguinUSA did recommend it when I posed the how-to-follow question before one of the chats. Unfortunately, there is no information on the Twitter Book Club page about it...

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absorbed in reading

Reading is what I do in my spare time. On a daily bases. I must say that I have fallen victim to the efficiency that is and its spawn, the Kindle. I just love them. I have the actual Kindle, Kindle Cloud, Kindle App on my Android phone (most used currently). Yesterday, I just finished reading The Maze Runner trilogy by Jason Dashner, on which I will be sharing my thoughts in the near future. I am also itching to comment on the Hunger Games trilogy. Stay tuned. A little description of my methods here. In the hopes of not corrupting my perception of a book, the book description on Amazon and several brief reviews are the only things I rely on to make the decision to read it. I will avoid reading any detailed book reviews like the plague. No offence to reviewers or bloggers out there. (I will read them after I purge all of my thoughts from my brain.) If I have read external ideas, then they might leak into my review and make it less of “mine”, may even start to make it sound like I am copying others. I want to provide unique point of view. Any similarities are purely...

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